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Our Motto is to Provide Best ERP Solutions & We believe in Good Service is Good Business

We are providing Offline and Online Software Solutions
ERP, CRM, After Sales, Payroll
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Your Partnership With RayTech ensures Continued Success

When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation. This is why we can offer you the ability to meet every challenge and the agility to capitalize on every opportunity. That is the power of certainty. And it is our promise to every client


RayTech is constantly delivers innovative, flexible and secure software solutions while maximizing value at every step in our customers and partner relationships. We are extremely proud of our dedication to customer service, and we prize the long term relationships that we develop with our clients.

Online & Offline Software Solutions

We provide both Online & Offline Software solutions as per Clients Requirements.Our mission is to provide world class end-to-end ERP solution for mid-market process and manufacturing operations. Customer benefits and on-time support is our prime objective.


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It takes a team to create smooth ERP software. Our people make RayTech Software special. We're all passionate about Implementing software that help our customers succeed.

We have an experienced team with extensive backgrounds in market research and software implementing and through digitalization we can provide service worldwide. We believe to deliver the highest value to clients.

In business, since 2004 RayTech has developed a very sound customer base, which includes clients from Corporate houses, Professionals, Manufacturers, Traders from all sorts of business and industrial sectors viz. Machinery, Construction & infrastructure, Tools, Pipes, Electrical, Automobiles, Scientific apparatus, Surgical instruments, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Steel, Plastic, Packing, Importers, Exporters, Marketing & Distribution etc. Such variety of customers, apart from building confidence, has enabled RayTech to fine-tune their products so as to provide efficiency, reliability & uniformity in operations.

We are proud of our customers who gives us refrencial business on behalf of providing innovative solutions.


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Trading ERP

Trade ERP is a middle range ERP product and targeted towards the small and middle scale companies.

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Manufacturing ERP

RayTech Manufacturing ERP provides easy expandability of the whole system..

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E-Commerce Integration

RayTech automatically posts all of your orders,expenses,fees,and shipping costs directly into Software

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CRM Software

CRM help you increase sales and reach more customers and enhance the customer experience you offer.

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Project Management

RayTech continues to redefine our customers' expectations of what a software company can do for them..

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After Sales.

RayTech is an end-to-end customer service management software that complete after-sales service.

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raytech erp School Management

School management is to enhance their relations with the parents of children they teach.

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raytech erp Transport Management.

Transport Management system is built keeping in mind the intricacies of today's business models.


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